Business & enterprise updates

COVID-19 Update on Local Training Initiative Supports 

Local Training Initiatives:

  •  Continuing to work with individual learners via email and phone
  •  Identifying suitable training for supervisors to upskill themselves via e-learning

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Business Coaching & Mentoring - COVID -19 Supports

Back to Work Enterprise Clients:

We are continuing to support those already referred by DEASP in their preparation of BTWE applications.

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LEADER COVID - 19 update on Supports 

We continue: 

  • Individual contact with current business clients to identify their immediate current needs and plan future initiatives that can be put in place.
  • Continuing to develop enterprise and community based applications with view to having these ready for evaluation at the end of April
  • Continuing to prioritise project claims for individuals, businesses and community projects which ensure cash flow is maintained.
  • Community planning – continuing to work on development of community plans where this process has been initiated.


Social Enterprise - COVID-19 Update on Supports

Social Enterprise Supports - we continue:

  • Working with 16 social enterprises across the County to develop continuity planning for the future
  •  Liaising with Pobal in relation to emerging needs and solutions to these needs
  • Supporting Social Enterprises that need to change their service provision in this time and adapt to new service provision
  • Maintaining ongoing contact with social enterprise groups and offering mentoring; guidance and advice in relation to staffing; HR; Finance and Governance during this time.

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Business Development Programme - COVID - 19 Update on Supports 

*Please note the start date advertised for the next Business Development Programme (6th April) has changed due to COVID-19. The next programme will commence at a later date which will be advised by DEASP and in compliance with Covid-19 public health guidance in place at the time.  

If you were already referred by a Case Officer we will be in touch with you to arrange an interview in due course. If you were not referred by a Case Officer and are interested in exploring your eligibility please complete the Expression of Interest form below or contact me directly at 

We continue to:

  • Provide learning support to current participants
  • Linkage with former and current clients
  • Recruiting for new business development programme
  • Supporting businesses with filling of Covid-19 claim forms

Done by email, phone, Zoom, Google drive

See HERE for more information on the programme


Support and Advice for Enterprise and Employment during COVID - 19 (Coronavirus)

During this difficult and challenging time, Offaly Local Development Company’s priority is to continue to support our business clients;  social enterprise clients; our community supports; and those that have become under or unemployed. Our team remains fully operational as we continue to work with the community, enterprise clients and our stakeholders to develop practical responses.  We ask that you contact us if you need any support and we will guide and advise as best possible. 

Offaly Local Development Company are continually observing and monitoring updates in relation to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.  The information we will provide will be continuously reviewed and updated to reflect the very latest information available. 

If you need Employment related advice or supports please contact:

Birr Job Club  P:087 2802919

Tullamore Job Club  P:087 2904333.

If you need Business related advice or supports please contact:

Aileen Duffy, Business Development Coordinator 

Roisin Lennon 

P: 087 9699998