Name: Green Offaly

Address: Birr, Co. Offaly


Green Offaly is a not for profit countywide green regeneration enterprise operating as a Development Trust. We began life as an Offaly Public Participation Network Initiative; devised as a solution to the Government’s Project 2040 seminar, ‘Empowering Communities in the Fight against Climate Change’. Green Offaly in its role as a Development Trust will facilitate the Green Regeneration of Offaly through the involvement of those with the greatest stake in the future of the County – the people who live and work here. Offaly is at the heart of the country and on the frontline of Climate Change. Our Communities have been formed, warmed and employed by our unique peatland landscape. As we embark on the Transition to a Green Future, we find ourselves in the possession of genuine assets, (peatlands, waterways, agriculture, communities ripe for regeneration), which, with ambition and careful planning, will enable Offaly to become the blueprint for the successful decarbonisation of the counties of Ireland.