Business Development Programme

Business Development Programme

 Wed, 22nd Jan, 2020

The next Business Development Programme is due to commence on 6th April 2020. It is also now advertised on Jobs Ireland. reference number CES 2132951.  

This Business Development Programme is a specially devised CE scheme which assists participants who are interested in setting up their own businesses to complete their market research in addition to developing a Business Plan in advance of start-up.
This programme allows participants to explore the practicalities of self-employment. Participants will receive relevant accredited training and practical non accredited training such as branding, cloud computing for business, basic photography and design skills, social media and web design. This combined approach will allow participants access a wide variety of skills required for developing a new business and completing a practical business plan.

The eligibility criteria for this programme is different from other CE schemes in that participants are only required to be in receipt of a payment for one week (there is no requirement for them to be in receipt for a period of one year). 

For further information contact:
Aileen Duffy
Business Development Programme Coordinator
Tel: 057 9322 850