Business Development Programme

Business Development Programme

 Tue, 8th Mar, 2022

Do you have a Business Idea? Interested in Starting Your Own Business and like to Learn How?

The next Business Development Programme is starting April 4th where you get the opportunity to develop your business idea into an actionable business plan and earn 3 QQI Level Accredited Qualifications along the way. Contact your ‘Case Officer’ in the Department of Social Protection now, to ask them to refer you – Scheme reference CES No 2214224

This programme is a special C.E Scheme. It is 26 weeks in duration with one day per week classroom learning supported by live online support and one to one mentoring. Application for participation on this programme must be submitted through a ‘Case Officer’ in the Department of Social Protection and standard CE rates will apply.

Eligibility - those interested in participating must have a business idea and be in receipt of a CE qualifying social welfare payment (standard CE qualifying period does NOT apply)