Martial Arts & Combat Fitness Academy Birr benefits from LEADER  support

Martial Arts & Combat Fitness Academy Birr benefits from LEADER  support

 Thu, 5th Sep, 2019


Martial Arts & Combat Fitness Academy Birr has recently availed of grant aid under the LEADER RDP 2014 -2020. The group received €5,599.81 in funding towards the purchase of equipment for use at their premises in Syngefield Retail Park in Birr. 


Recently established in Birr, the group provides martial arts classes to children, teenagers and adults.  The group includes a wide cross section of the community and a range of cultural backgrounds.  The type of martial arts practised here include MuayThai, Kickboxing, K1, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Power Fitness. Up until now, classes have taken place with a limited amount of very basic equipment.


‘Getting this grant from Offaly Local Development Company has been a huge boost to us’ said Pavels Blohovs, chairperson of Martial Arts & Combat Fitness Academy Birr. ‘Now that we have proper equipment we can provide a better experience for our students. We can also host competitions here in Birr, and invite other groups from around the country’


Pavel explains that the benefits of people taking part in martial arts include:


• Development of self defence skills

• Development of confidence for children, teenagers and adults

• Promotes mental health and wellbeing

• Promotes an ethos of discipline and respect


For further information on this group and the classes they offer, search for ‘Martial Arts & Combat Fitness Academy Birr’ on Facebook.