Men’s Health Week

   13 Jun 2019

This year Men’s Health Week runs from Monday 10th until Sunday 16th June.

Men’s Health week is celebrated in many European countries, as well as in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and a number of other places worldwide.

But why is there a need to hold a Men's Health Week? ... Men constitute almost 50% of the population of Ireland. This campaign focuses upon men’s specific health needs.

This year’s conversation is about improving the health of males and to recognise and acknowledge that MEN’S HEALTH MATTERS.  Many  conditions  that maybe preventable, their prevalence amongst men may  rise in the future. Much can be, and is being done to improve this situation.

Therefore, during this week, everyone is asked to MAKE THE TIME and TAKE THE TIME to do something realistic and practical that will make a positive difference to the health of both themselves and the men and boys that they have contact with and influence over.

Here in Tullamore a breakfast for the men’s health week in was held. It was organised by Offaly Resettlement project and hosted in Tullamore Community and Family Resource Centre. The Syrian families in Tullamore attended the event along with Men’s shed and Offaly Local Development Company. The Syrian men cooked breakfast and all sampled traditional Syrian dishes.

The event raises awareness about all things health related among the male population.

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