Summer Salad Boxes

Summer Salad Boxes

 Wed, 13th May, 2020

Initiative with Homefix and Healthy Ireland

Homefix & Healthy Ireland joined forces to help our community members who are cocooning by suppling a growing box of salads for free. The link between growing plants and health is well known and just a few of those shared with us by our participants are an increase in activity & a sense of optimism and a wonderful sense of community. The project has been very well received with a large uptake and great appreciation. The boxes, created by Homefix, are a sturdy construction with ideal handles for easy transportation and are filled with ‘cut and come again’ tasty lettuce and salad onions.


I am delighted with my lovely box of salads, This is a lovely thing you have done and it gives me something to look forward to which is a great help in these times. I am looking forward to eating something I have grown, there is nothing as tasty and I plan to share some with my neighbour.

This is a fantastic idea! I will be reseeding my box when the salads are done - it encourages me to do more”

“Thank You very much”

Bridgie Pass, Killaun, Birr.

“I haven’t grown anything for ages and this is a wonderful way to get me outdoors again, I worked in New York for years and didn’t have a garden and I still remember when I was young growing vegetables for the family was a lot of hard work  but this is fun & so easy, just water regularly.

It is lovely watching the lettuce and scallion coming on, the are really doing  well & as I am a household of one, the idea of just cutting a few leaves as I need them is ideal

My box of salad brings me joy, Thanks again”

Gabrielle Leonard, Drinagh, Fiveally, Birr

“Outstanding! Such a great idea & very handy to have salads right outside the back door so no need to go to town when the day is warm and you would like a salad, so easy to do too, just water the box each day and watch it grow.

This is a wonderful way to help us all to see that there is a lot we can still do on a scale that suits us.

Well done & Thank you”

Bridie Kinsella, Argooy Fiveally Birr.

I really enjoy growing my own and the box of salad is great, a very well made box too, with the handle on each side its easy to move around to where I want it & because the plants are already growing I know just what we will have.

Thanks to everyone involved”

Tom Higgins, Clooneen, Birr


Contact: Shane Dynan, Homefix manager

 o89 496 9010