The True spirit of St. Valentine’s day!

The True spirit of St. Valentine’s day!

 Thu, 14th Feb, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day to all Volunteers and Voluntary Organisations in Offaly.

Thank you to all the Volunteers who contribute to causes, whether it is for the homeless, elderly, youth groups, mental health support, community projects, community support and animals or anything else. Volunteering takes a sheer selfless sense of wanting to give back to the community. Their devotion and commitment needs to be acknowledged.

Thank you to all Voluntary Organisations throughout County Offaly. Voluntary organisations are sometimes the first point of contact and support for the most vulnerable people in our society. From charity shops to bereavement support helplines, these organisations are the fabric of a caring community.

Thank you to all the community who support all charities throughout the year. Irish people have a reputation for being very generous when it comes to supporting charities. Without donations from our community the good work of volunteers and voluntary organisations could not happen.

Today in Banagher, OLDC and volunteer Offaly surprised Regina and Shane from Homefix. They are a social enterprise focused on home repairs and befriending for the elderly in West and South Offaly. They were very happy to accept our valentine's gifts on behalf of their voluntary board and volunteers. Also, we called to Banagher Men’s shed where we surprised George Smith. George is a long serving volunteer. We caught up with him in the Banagher Men’s shed to thank him for his service to his community. Just two examples of the many amazing volunteers and voluntary Organisations in Offaly. The True spirit of St. Valentine’s day!