MOJO Programme

MOJO is an evidence based mental health and wellbeing programme for men who are motivated to make changes in their lives. It is an interagency programme funded by the National Office for Suicide Prevention (NOSP), and supported by local agencies to provide a coordinated response to men who are in ‘distress’ or those who are affected by unemployment.

MOJO is delivered in Offaly by OLDC and is governed by an Interagency Advisory Group (IAG). The IAG is central to MOJO programme planning, quality assurance and delivery . The IAG steers the direction and future development of the project in their respective areas. The IAG is made up of a host of local organisations and services including: The Mental Health Services, Primary Care, Adult Education Services and OLDC.

The MOJO programme is 12 weeks in duration. The programme is open to men 18 years or older and runs over two mornings a week. Morning one is three hours in duration while morning two is of four hours duration. MOJO sessions combine short inputs from facilitators on a particular topic with small group discussions, group exercises and questions and answers.

The programme has four interconnected and equally important components that help the men to develop:

  • Wellbeing and resilience
  • The ability to set goals and take action
  • Physical Fitness
  • A male space that supports their social connections

On the programme the men create their own individualised “MOJO Plan” which is made up of the things they have learned on the programme and things that give them a sense of wellbeing. As the men change and develop so should their “MOJO plan”. Men who complete the programme receive a certificate.

Quotes from Participants:

“Before I started MOJO I felt like I was looking in at the world. It was like a foggy window and I was looking in. Now I feel part of the world around me. I am part of wider society. It’s very hard to describe how positive this feels”

“MOJO has given me the language to describe how I feel. That has been great. I didn’t have that before and didn’t really know what was going on, and what to do. I feel much more in control”


For further information contact:

Caroline Brickland
MOJO Programme; “Creating Male Space”
Offaly Local Development Company
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Tel: 087 6028 801
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