Having your own Business & Being your own Boss

Having your own Business & Being your own Boss

 Fri, 3rd May, 2024

What if you were your own boss?

What would you do differently to make your personal and work life more fulfilling? Imagine being passionate and excited by what you do for a living . . .

Check out just some of the businesses that our past participants came to us with in 2023. Could one of these be something you could do?

For more information about this contact Des on 087 9699998 or email Des at dregan@offalyldc.ie and checkout the Business Development Programme on https://www.offalyldc.ie/?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTAAAR1jKPdnPuV-5IRwkQiLslqxozNdyuj0AnuFe67gGHQ2pXuyoywWXdnIQY0_aem_AdCXUgBvltA9BisbdlMklspjnxuR-BT9gblOfP-UYBzs29Wk4Ns5WJ2zUsUlfzOhaRADXpYrSWnQgXceaK10cmqm

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