Realites of Self Employment

Programme Name.

Realities of Self Employment programme

Programme Description

The Realities of Self Employment Programme is the starting place for client’s wishing to explore the possibility of starting their own business. 

There are three morning’s group training online and this is followed by one to one coaching/mentoring sessions depending on the needs of the clients.  It is a very practical course that asks five basic questions:
• Am I suitable for self-employment?
• Can I make/service it?
• Can I manage it?
• Can I sell it?
• Can I make a Profit?
The course starts with each participant having the opportunity to make a personal assessment in order to consider the stresses, the impact and obstacles that may be part of being self-employed.

It also gives the participants the opportunity to look at key managerial skills that will be necessary to grow, mind and manage their business and examines the Profit & Loss Account, where the participants learn the basics of accounts and costing.  The course also explores marketing and social media for business start-ups.

Who is it suitable for?

Clients wishing to explore the possibility of starting their own business

What is the course content?

• Business & self-management and the process of writing a business plan

• Social media & marketing for a business start-up

• Financial Management, sales, customer service and outline of supports available

Course Times

9.30 – 1pm via Zoom


Referred by the DSP as part of the Assessment of Suitability for BTWEA Or Has engaged with OLDC on one of their programmes/supports and who has an interest in starting a business

When does the next course start?

Courses are run continually through the year. Start date to be agreed at first one to one meeting with client.

What days will the training be on?

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

How will the course be delivered?

Currently online via Zoom

What support do you offer to Learners?

On completion, the client is referred back to the DSP for a decision on granting BTWEA/STEA. The enterprise must be recommended, in advance, by both the Enterprise Officer (EO) in the Local Development Company (LDC) and the DSP Case Officer (CO) before a final decision is made by the Deciding Officer (DO). For participants who have not been referred by the DSP, the Business Coach will work one-to-one with the client, where their options are explored. If a client wishes to proceed, they are requested to contact their local case officer and apply for BTWEA/STEA. If the client does not wish to proceed they may be signposted to other relevant supports/programmes.

Is the course certified?.


Is there a fee to take part?


What are the maximum number of participants taken on the course



“I enjoyed the taking part in the programme – it was expertly delivered”
“It was great to meet new people on the same journey as myself”
“Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.  It was a pleasure to listen to you”
“You put me at ease with your explanations which helped me focus more, and learn more”
“Thank you very much for my first experience doing a course through Zoom.  If I could rate the programme out of 5 stars, I’d give it 6”

For further information please contact:

Marye Meehan

Offaly Local Development Company,
Millennium House,
Main St,
Co. Offaly

Tel. 057 9322 850 or 0877673507