Step Up Project

Step Up Project

 Tue, 29th Jan, 2019

The Step Up Project is a new project with a new and fresh approach

The criteria for the Project is that you are aged between 15 – 29 year olds, in receipt of a Disability Allowance and have a Mental Health and/or mild learning disability diagnosis. The participants will have a pattern of disengaging, they may have started and stopped programmes, projects, education, training and employment, our aim is to identify why this has occurred and how we identify this and encourage them to move forward. 

The Project consists of  three groups, an under 18’s, an under 24’s and under 29. Each individual will be encouraged and empowered to make decisions for themselves and their futures heading towards training, education and employment. The project is taking a multi-faceted approach. We will use an Individual Progression Plan with ongoing 1:1 support and Group activities, part of these activities

We have set up a kitchen that is reflective of an apartment kitchen, we will as part of this deliver

• Personal and Household Budgeting – managing bills/direct debits etc.

• Shopping on a budget

• Food purchasing/ preparation/ cooking and storage

• Safety in the home

• Meal Planning, healthy eating and diet

• Using, cleaning and maintaining kitchen equipment i.e. washing machine/ cooker/ fridge

• Being able to iron my own clothes


Group work will include 

• Self Esteem and Confidence Building 

• Identifying Barriers and how to overcome them

• Art Classes

• First Aid Training

• Manual Handling 

• Childcare Classes and Parenting classes

There will also be group presentations from outside agencies

• Mental Health Presentations

• MABS on budgeting 

• ADDICTION supports and services example gambling/drugs/ alcohol

• Entitlements and payments through DEASP

• And other areas that will be identified as the project continues

 Step Up Project has secured funding for an onsite Counselor, she will be available for a day a month, and will support the participants in their personal sessions. Afternoon supervised study or assignment work support will be available to those that require additional help.

For further information please contact:

Martina Mcloughlin Project Co-Ordinator (087)7002521

Aoife Lenaghan Support worker (087)3476949